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Probably kinda weird question

Hi, I'm new here, and I admit I've been fascinated -- and horrified -- by the case since it first began. I've read all of the books except "Paul's Case", and that's sort of what my post is about.

My sister-in-law is doing her Masters degree in sociology right now, and she wants to know how she might go about wiritng a letter to Bernanrdo, on the off chance she gets a response. It's part of her research. She's communicated with a few inmates in the US already but this case in particular would add to her thesis. She regrets missing the chance to possibly write to Karla actually. The reason she asked me about it is because I followed the case so closely for so many years, but even an internet search hasn't turned up anything.

Does anyone know if you can just send a letter to the Kingston Pen, addressed to him without knowing his prisoner number? Or is his number in "Paul's Case"? Neither one of us has any idea how the author managed to correspond with him in the first place! If anyone has any advice, we'd be grateful. And no, she does NOT want to write love letters to him, just in case anyone was wondering! Eugh. It's all research. Thank you!
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