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according to Stephen William's book Karla (in chapter 3, "Dr Arndt"), after meeting Dr. Arndt, who had been her psychiatrist for a time, he (Arndt) gave Williams, to quote from the book, "all of Karla's school, medical and psychological records, including her recent hospital charts and with the nurses daily observations and remarks; everything to do with her eight week stay at the Northwestern General in March and April 1993, including very detailed records and charts documenting her perscpriptions and drug consuption . . . the scraps of paper on which Dr. Arndt had scribbled notes during Karla's therapy sessions, as well as Karla's handwritten private diaries of abuse . . . the letter she wrote to her parnets apologizing for having killed her sister."

this perplexes me because i thought that it was illegal for doctors to share their patients records. in fact, a few paragraphs down, Willams writes "psychiatrists never share patient files." it is illegal, isn't it? would Karla be able to sue Williams for doing this?
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